Instagram Reels: Are They Really Necessary For Your Brand?


Instagram Reels, which has taken over a large part of our Instagram news feed, is a content format that allows you to make much more professional and entertaining video content edits. Although initially criticized for being a “TikTok copy”, Instagram Reels was quickly embraced by brands and users in the long run, just like Snapchat- Stories.

So, what are Instagram Reels? How does it work? As a brand, how can you use this popular tool in your marketing strategy? Below are the answers to all your questions, enjoy reading. 

But before moving ahead, you must be aware of the potential that Instagram Reels possess similar to other features. You can also buy Instagram Followers Greece to benefit your content to rank higher in search results. 

What are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels allows users to create engaging, funny, and short videos using a music catalog and user-generated Reels media on Instagram. Reels are defined as 15-second, multi-clip videos with added sound, effects, and music.

Similar to TikTok, Reels offers a range of editing tools that allow users to create engaging and entertaining video footage. Reels can contain multiple video clips, filters, text, stickers, and more.

Instagram Reels or TikTok?

Instagram Reels and TikTok have the same purpose: to give users a creative space to create short videos and share them with others. 

However, they also have important differences as shown below:

Instagram Reels 

  • A feature on Instagram,
  • Video time limit up to 60 seconds,
  • Reels shared in stories disappear after 24 hours.


  • social media platforms,
  • Video time limit up to 3 minutes,
  • All videos remain on TikTok until deleted.

Why do Instagram Reels Matter to Your Business?

With the Reels feature, the number of Instagram users and interactions increased. In this way, brands and businesses began to reach more people. Here are a few reasons to produce Reels content. 


Reels have outstanding visibility. A Discovered Reels content is probably one of the most viewed contents on the page. The Discover section is used to enable users to discover new brands and content. Similarly, many people including Influencers tend to buy Instagram Followers Singapore to get more visibility of their content. 

Educating Your Audience 

Education should be one of the pillars of the marketing strategy. An educated prospect means a more engaged and more likely customer. Fast and digestible, Reels is the most suitable platform for attracting the attention of the target audience and conveying its message quickly.

Showcasing the Personality and Values of the Business 

Brands that successfully use social media create a unique voice that resonates with their target audience. A carefully planned and executed video is one of the most effective tools a brand should use to showcase its personality and values.

Highlighting Their Differences 

Why would your ideal customer buy from you? What offers that your competitors do not? Are you actively emphasizing this in your marketing channels?

Reels videos are a great way to introduce yourself and your business to your audience in a fun way. Anyone can shoot Reels, any brand can produce Reels content. Don’t forget to check the end of the article for sample Reels content!

How to Draw Reels?

You can create Reels in two different ways:

• Press and hold the record button on Instagram to capture a video

• Upload video footage directly from your camera roll

You can create a Reel from a video or a series of clips that are repeatedly recorded or uploaded. Features as below:

• Videos are in full 9:16 portrait mode

• Completed Reels can be between 3 and 30 seconds long

• Reels are for mobile-only, so you can only install Reels from a mobile device

• Open Instagram and go to the Stories screen. Click Reels at the bottom of the screen.

• Use four creative tools to create reels: music, speed (speed up or slow down your video clips), effects (add filters to your video), and timer (decide how long your video will take)

• Tap and hold the record button. If you have set a timer, the screen starts counting down before you start recording.

• Once you’ve completed the registration, you can add drawings, text, and stickers to Reels.

• Tap the > button in the lower right corner to cast the reels. If you have a public account, you can leave your Reels video on Instagram to discover. If your Reels discover, a notification will be sent to you by Instagram; “Congratulations, you’re discovering!”

Before You Start Creating Reels Content, Pay Attention To These Two Steps;

Before you shoot reels, you need to do “a little” preparation. But once you’ve laid the groundwork, it will be easy for you to reach and inspire new audiences.

Do extensive research 

Instagram Reels may be a new feature, but creators have already posted countless video clips, garnering millions of views. You know who the target audience is, spend some time watching Reels, which are popular according to the interests of the audience, and gather information. You should also research what your opponents are doing with Reels.

Practice makes perfect 

Excellent Reels can find a place in the discovery feed of the target audience. Bad Reels can reduce the professionalism and competence of the brand. In conclusion: Practice creating a few Reels before you hit publish. Produce a lot of content and try to shoot every reel that suits you, you will see the benefit. 

• Invite users to the kitchen of work! Let’s say you run a pizzeria, and thanks to social media, you show your audience lots of pizza photos and videos. But do they know the backstory and time taken to make and deliver their pizza? Producing Reels content is an excellent way to show customers the background.

• Give how-to tips; Teach your customers how to do something great with your product. For example, if you are a candle seller, you could tell them how they would value melting candles. Or in the pizzeria example above, you can show me a quick and easy way to make delicious pizza at home. The best way to show this to them is to produce Reels content.

• Make it fun and personal; The best way to do this is to set something specific to your brand. You can have a writing style or music that reminds you. If you use the same song in every Reels content, you will be the first to think of users when they hear this song outside, right?

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