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Owner of Virgo Google News

How did you become a part of this community?

I am originally from Ukraine and came to USA as a child, I now live here permanently for 8 years. And it is interesting, what people in your country have in common and what makes them feel like they belong here! I was already interested in writing by that time and my passion led me to the online market, not knowing what I should write about. In the beginning it wasn’t easy but it has become much easier. My job in journalism started when I found an online magazine that required journalists to go out to cover a particular topic, I went with that and that article got published. It had an amazing team behind it that worked long hours, I did not even have to show up on Mondays to do what I loved the most! I started working there until our main competitor closed their doors (we were one of five competitors in the city, then three closed within months). The competition is intense, that didn’t mean we couldn’t keep competing with ourselves. We kept going, finding a new place just in order to stay alive. Now I work as a freelance writer all day long. When I don’t know where I will be next year I can just look at my list of places on Medium. So how is doing here? Well, very good, it has been fantastic.

Is it challenging?

You can’t imagine it. You can write whatever you want, if you write something you will be able to find something to do, for example I wrote a piece about food, which made another person happy and it got accepted into someone else publication. There are so many options you could do. It isn’t a big deal, the money for any work here is absolutely free! So it comes down to luck in our case. But not only that there are no barriers! No barriers! Only people want to read your piece, you will get success if you are unique! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Do you miss anything?

Yes I love to travel and share the beauty around us. However due to the fact that I work I can’t take off from my laptop to visit a popular tourist attraction. So we travel a lot and do lots of different kind of trips, but this time we decided to spend some time away for a few weeks and visit a local village. We didn’t have to worry about transportation though because locals were helping us: providing free food during our short walk and making sure everything we needed for the trip. They told us we could rent their car and it would not cost a dime since they paid a small fee a week! That was really nice, and they were happy to help us. Also they offered us a bed that for 2 days we would need to sleep in our own car, we didn’t bother and they stayed there and told us about local shops and restaurants nearby. All that together for 1 night only cost us 7$. Also after that, a bunch of people showed up without asking us where we wanted to stay (we asked that and they said “we will send you somewhere”) but they answered that we can stay wherever want! If we didn’t choose the right place we would have been fine thanks to those guys.

How did your experience compare to yours? Is it easy or difficult?

I think it is easy. For two hours we didn’t sleep and that wasn’t bad. They gave us a room, I didn’t think about the price, I just stayed there for them. On the way back we met up with the family and our friend who was living on his farm near us: he was taking care of 3 kids who were studying at the same school and we took her to see some local sites. At last we arrived at the hotel. Unfortunately, before we knew it we got robbed! So we have a little damage on our clothes and there were things stolen. Thanks to those guys for being so friendly and helpful.

A tip: make your photos. It doesn’t matter if it’s funny, serious, beautiful or whatever you like it to be make it! This will help you prove yourself to a publisher you never knew before. Make sure you have a photoshop account in order to post on social media and search your images before posting on Instagram or Facebook.

What tips would you give?

I would recommend to write articles on specific topics so you don’t make that mistake of creating something long term and boring, which will not bring you a lot of readers. Something short and to the point without too much information is better (for example, you know what you want but don’t know why it is called that). Also don’t use words and phrases that are cliched (for example don’t say to a girl “I love to watch cartoons online, they aren’t real”) because sometimes they really don’t have a meaning and people won’t understand what you are trying to say. Use appropriate terms (for instance we prefer cats over dogs, instead of saying, “I like having pets” or “I have been saving up for a dog” that sounds weird. Just use language that you understand and know about to explain the things you read so people understand you!). Tell stories to avoid making something vague or vague. Sometimes things aren’t simple for everyone and a story is worth telling no matter what else is said! Have a plan for each article, start early in the morning when you don’t have time and try to finish it at night. Try to leave comments to comment on others’ pieces and follow their directions. If needed add videos and still don’t have time for that, just upload it later before midnight so someone can see it at least.

If you could, live anywhere besides Los Angeles, would that be home to you? Why or why not?

Everywhere would be great, but Los Angeles is my second home as well! To have such a wonderful life here. But we also live in Ukraine almost half the year so our house is small. Not enough space for a gym and other necessary facilities so we moved to California a while ago. Yes, I would love to live here every day of the year. But it all depends on the possibility to come back to the UK in April when we won’t have our visas anymore, hopefully you will be ready for traveling again soon for your children. Maybe you should go back to London in 2018 so you have more time to explore in both cities and meet English students! What a lovely country, I hope next time you will have a warm welcome here!


Owner of Virgo Google News and I’m the editor of some websites.

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