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The exhaust system expels gasses produced by a gasoline or diesel engine. When fuel is burned during the combustion process, gasses such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides are produced. Exhaust pipes or finishers are frequently visible from the rear end of a vehicle. The exhaust system also makes noise, and high-performance vehicles often have exhaust systems that amplify and enhance the engine’s acoustics. 

Meanwhile, some vehicles are equipped with gentler exhausts that place a greater emphasis on elegance. Whichever your preference MBenzGram, also known as MB Gram, has all types of exhaust systems you need to fit in your car. 

How Does an Exhaust System Work?

The exhaust manifold, catalytic converter, muffler, and exhaust pipe are the four key parts of an exhaust system. When looking for any of these parts, MBenzGram is the recommended site to go to. The process commences when engine fumes are ejected through the exhaust manifold, where they are funneled down the piping system and then find their way to the catalytic converter.

During the combustion process, an engine produces distinct kinds of gasses, typically including carbon monoxide, nitrogen monoxide, and nitrogen oxide, all of which are poisonous. The catalytic converter’s function is to convert these toxic substances into less toxic components through chemical changes.

They have a honeycomb-like layout made up of various minerals such as palladium, rhodium, and even platinum. These serve as a catalyst for a chemical process that converts toxic fumes to water and carbon dioxide. While these metals are extremely effective at neutralizing dangerous substances, their high value makes them a tempting target for thieves.

The residual fumes find their way to the muffler system after going through the catalytic converter. Given that engines produce dozens and dozens of miniaturized bursts every moment, there must be a method to lessen the noise. The muffler accomplishes this by channeling fumes through a network of tubes and tunnels, allowing airflow to be released and thus blunting the sounds. 

Like a musical instrument, they are refined to produce the desired sound of the car, with performance and sportier cars typically letting more air pass through, resulting in an audible, raspier exhaust sound. Do you own one of these cars? Why not check out MbenzGram’s range of exhaust systems and have your car achieve the sound of your dream. MbenzGram stocks exhaust systems at a pocket-friendly price you won’t find anywhere else.

Last, there’s the exhaust tip, which is usually the most well-known part of an exhaust. The tip ousts gasses and other byproducts of combustion. Exhaust tips are widely perceived as a performance measure, with sleeker and more elegant cars frequently proudly displaying chrome or exhausts with multiple tips.

Types of Exhaust Systems

A picture of an exhaust tip shooting out flames.

Although every exhaust system performs essentially the same function, there are five main types of exhaust systems today. Some are ideally equipped for conventional vehicles, while others are appropriate for performance engines. Read about all these exhaust types below.

Single Exit Pipe

One of the most commonly used exhaust systems is the single exit pipe. Single exit pipes can be found on new cars and trucks purchased from a dealer. They may not be the most efficient vents, but they are the least expensive to manufacture and install. The pipe’s exit point should be located on the passenger side of the cockpit.

Dual Rear Exit

The dual rear exit exhaust system is typically found on flashier vehicles or added to make a car appear sportier. It provides the exhaust a deeper sound, causing the engine to sound like a powerhouse. This system usually consists of two tailpipes. In contrast to other systems, the pipes do not flex around at the wheels.

Opposite Dual Exhaust

Opposite dual exhaust systems flex around the wheels, adding an extra dimension to the filtration process. Opposite dual exhaust systems are more common in heavy commercial vehicles.

Dual Side Exhaust

As the title suggests, a dual side exhaust has double pipes next to one another and is located on one side of the car. Gasses are expelled more efficiently through two pipes than through a single exit pipe. Dual side exhaust systems appear and blast like high-performance systems and may provide some performance boost.

High-Performance Exhaust Systems

High-performance exhaust systems are more expensive, but they filter out fumes more efficiently. They are not conventional in most cars and, therefore, must be mounted aftermarket. A high-performance exhaust system improves a car’s performance a great deal. 

Sportier and racing cars looking to boost their power and performance will most likely adorn this type of exhaust system. Check out MbenzGram for all these systems.

Whichever exhaust system one chooses, there are clear benefits of installing a new system and regularly checking for any issues. Top benefits include;

  • A new exhaust system improves engine function.
  • A new exhaust system enhances a car’s image and appeal.
  • Newer exhaust systems are eco-friendly as they have a low carbon footprint

Tips for Installing a Car’s Exhaust System

Improper fitting often creates more problems with exhaust systems than the component itself, which is why proper installation is critical. These tips can be helpful:

  • Familiarize with all the components of the system
  • Inspect individual parts for damages
  • Ensure the pipe is well-aligned
  • Ensure the silencers face the right direction
  • Consult experts like MbenzGram for proper instructions and guidance

Before installing exhaust pipes, it’s essential to know what the local laws say about acceptable noise levels. It’s disheartening to install a new exhaust system and foul the law while at it.

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