Aluminum Windows Vs. uPVC Windows: Which Is Most Reliable?


Aluminum windows vs. uPVC Windows- this has been a longstanding debate. Thus, homeowners are always in a dilemma as to which to choose for the home. But we have come up with some facts that will help you understand the basic attributes of both the aluminum windows and uPVC windows and thus help you make the right choice when deciding what type of window is the best for your property:

Durability and Reliable

Aluminum is resistant to rot and is highly durable and thus boosts a long lifespan. These frames require very little upkeep and maintenance and can easily last for decades. Along with this, the material is immune to rust and corrosion, which makes it easier to withstand harsh weather conditions. 

While on the other hand, uPVC is a material that may require frequent replacement/repair and upkeep. This is because the material is made up of plastic and the doors and windows made up of this material are not quite durable. Thus, aluminum doors and windows can be said to be more long-lasting as compared to uPVC fenestration products. 

Also, one of the most reputed housing products manufacturers like TOSTEM INDIA has come up with an anodized coating that helps keep the luster of the windows for a longer duration, protecting them from heat, water, and sunlight.


One of the major reasons the aluminum window designs have managed to garner huge popularity in recent times is because of their sleek design. The frames of these windows are quite slimmer in comparison to uPVC, which uses a slightly thick frame. The sleek aluminum frame gives the window a clean and minimal look, making them best suited for modern homes. A large glass panel and a slim window sash for wider visibility and maximum coverage of glass are some of the features of the windows that one should look for. 

The slim frame also improves the sightlines, giving a stunning view of the outside. Another worth mentioning point here is that even the slim aluminum windows frames can easily hold a large glass pane, offering a large aperture as they are quite durable. This is one of the attributes of the windows manufactured by the housing product giant, TOSTEM INDIA which offers aluminum windows with expansive views and narrow sightlines. 

On the other hand, uPVC windows can be a little bulky and give a plastic look and feel which may or may not appeal to all the homeowners. However, these windows come in various colors and finishes that offer a good value to the homeowners.

Energy Efficiency

There was a time when aluminum windows were less preferred because of their low thermal efficiency. Because aluminum is one of the highly conductive materials, it can pass through a lot of heat. But with technological innovations done in the past few decades, aluminum frames are able to contain or trap the indoor heating of your home, making it feel warmer during winters. Moreover, these frames can also prevent outdoor heat to enter indoors making it feel cooler during summers. This can, in turn, help you save money on electricity bills when you install aluminum doors and windows.


Both uPVC and aluminum windows are pretty safe and secure materials. The level of security can further be enhanced by installing a more secured locking system in the windows. No matter, if you opt for uPVC or aluminum, the multipoint locks that are durable and modern in the approach need to be installed to keep the windows secured. However, since uPVC is plastic and aluminum is a metal, the latter is sturdier which makes it safer. Secondly, aluminum is also fire-proof which ensures further protection while uPVC can easily catch fire and even release toxic fumes in the air.

Price Point

The aluminum windows tend to be a little expensive in comparison to the uPVC windows because of the cost of materials used and an innovative manufacturing process. However, if we consider the durability aspect, aluminum frames do come out be a cost-effective and lucrative investment in the long run. Further, the contemporary and sleek style offered by aluminum makes it even more worthwhile.


When it comes to choosing a window frame, one should also consider sustainability. And aluminum windows tend to be a better and eco-friendly choice of housing solution as compared to uPVC systems. 

While aluminum is eco-friendly, it can be recycled up to 10 times without even losing its value. But on the other hand, uPVC, being plastic, is non-biodegradable. This means it cannot be easily recycled. Thus, when it comes to comparing the sustainability factor of both materials, aluminum beats uPVC.


When it comes to choosing between aluminum windows and uPVC windows, it all comes down to the personal preferences of the homeowners, their budget, and the factors which they consider to be the most appropriate. Since every homeowner and his/her preferences are different and are tied to several factors, it is never simple to say which one is better than the other. We hope that this information will help you make a better decision.



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