Many Ways for Businesses to Reduce Operation Costs for Elevators


Commercial buildings need elevators to operate properly because nobody wants to be walking up to their office on the 40th story. They help to smooth traffic and keep smiles on people’s faces. Since they were invented, elevators have evolved, and new safety regulations have been issued; keeping up with elevator maintenance can be costly to business owners. However, there are steps to take that will keep elevator operation costs lower; we discuss this below. 

Log Inspections

By law, your elevator needs to be inspected regularly, which typically happens once a year. You need to keep accurate records of your inspection history, which will protect you in the event of any issues. When elevators are in service but do not function properly, businesses can face heavy fines from government inspections. Knowing when your inspection is means that you can prepare; having regular elevator inspections carried out by ATIS will be more cost-effective than paying heavy fines for breaching the law. 

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Elevators need to be regularly maintained, which comes on top of having inspections carried out. Make that that you consistently keep maintenance appointments, because missing them can lead to heavy lawsuits and horrific elevator accidents. As well as avoiding accidents and failures, having regular maintenance carried out will help to reduce energy consumption. 

Understand the Elevator Lifecycle

Learning about how elevators work, and what their lifecycle looks like, will help you to better care for them and cut operational costs. If you take over the care of an elevator, make sure you study up on the elevator’s history; learning the history of the elevator will help you to predict potential future problems before they arise. 

Read the Maintenance Agreement

When you take over a property, make sure you take time to read the agreement between yourself and the elevator service provider. This may seem like a given, but many business owners pay for services they don’t use. Only pay for the services you need from the provider, so make sure you understand any contract before you sign it. 

Build a Rapport with Your Service Provider

When you have maintenance carried out, spend time making them feel at home; it takes a minute to offer someone a coffee and have a chat. When you build a positive rapport with your service provider, you’re more likely to be offered priority care. Save the details of your regular maintenance team – you may be able to have an extra visit in a pinch. 

Record Elevator Usage Data

Your elevator needs time to rest its gears, so make sure it’s not being used when not needed. Modern elevators will likely provide accurate details including high traffic times and the number of trips it makes in a day. Understanding this data can help you make informed decisions on future upgrades and maintenance. 

Elevators are fantastic for smoothing out the flow of building traffic, but they can be costly to operate. Keeping up with inspections, maintenance, and gathering usage information can help you to reduce monthly costs. 



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